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The University of California, Davis (UC Davis, UCD, or Davis) is a public research university and land-grant university located near Davis, California. It is one of the ten campuses of the University of California system, and has the third-largest enrollment in the system after UCLA and UC Berkeley.


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Administrative Officer II (Former Employee) says

"Patient Care Service Department is the worse!!!!! It is managed by the “mean girls”. I highly suggest - not working for that department. The work life balance is completely not balanced and they only care about themselves. Micro managers, and super passive aggressive environment. HORRIBLE!!!"

Lvn internal medicine (Former Employee) says

"If you see the same position for internal medicine or family practice keep opening up. Is due to deceptive management practices and the unfriendly attitude towards LVNS. Overall upper management lack the needed personal skill and have a lack of respect towards employees. Will make you feel that you can be replaced each and every opportunity possible..nothing but immature power flexing to boost inflated management egos. Cons: Lack of respect.very sneaky plotting behind your back towards LVNs"

HCLA III/Phlebotomist (Former Employee) says

"Very poor experience at UCD, I was extremely excited initially but that ended when my training notes where stolen and I began being blamed for errors being made by other peers and sadly the work schedule would change hourly but no one would notify you."

Dietetic Assistant (Current Employee) says

"This organization does not care about their employees. Treated like nothing because they can replace you in an instance. There is no respect, no value of personal life matters, no value to EDUCATION, no social security benefits. stressful workload that cannot be completed in time provided to us, and expected to comply 99% which is unrealistic. They do not give time to complete online training which is a requirement for us to do as staff. you must pay to park ($6.00/day) Cons: poor management, over-worked, disrespect to me as an individual"

Hospital Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very unorganized hospital.. high turn over in employees.. unethical behavior from staff.. no teamwork. unstable place to work! unfair work conditions"

Research Associate II (Former Employee) says

"hard work place,some time we will learning and discovered new things.we help each other during work time. Cons: some time, lunch not on time"

Executive Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Very disappointed in the extreme lack of training and support. The workplace culture was cutthroat which created disengagement and a lack of morale. I was so excited to work for the institution, but due to the negative experience, I would not recommend it as an enjoyable place to work."

Principal Access Rep (Former Employee) says

"This department is toxic. There is a lack of diversity, when I go somewhere for services I’d like to think that they’re are persons who look like me and can relate to me. You cannot trust anyone has your best interest in mind, there is no camaraderie. There is a lack of support. If management doesn’t “like” you, forget about it. You can share your concerns and or needs with management, they’re not addressed in a timely manner and you are overlooked. Communication is a huge issue. Emails go unanswered for weeks or aren’t answered at all,no matter the importance. Employee moral is low. There is no comprehensive training program. The training that’s given is by employees who don’t follow the “rules” themselves. All this being said, you’re set to fail from the start. I’ve never worked anywhere that had a probationary period and questioned whether or not I’d pass. There are no set expectations. The department needs an overhaul. Customer Service isn’t what they want you to give to the patient during registration. You are to be robotic in nature, stick to the script and move on. I was criticized by coworkers and management for building a rapport with patients while registering them. This is how I set myself apart. You’ve got to realize patients are the reason we’re able to work and they’re here because they’re I’ll, they don’t want to be here. The last thing a patient needs is to deal with registration staff treating them like numbers and not people. Then having the nerve to ask for their personal information. This is what happens when a department is focused more on numbers than providing"

PRINCIPAL ACCESS REP (Current Employee) says

"I worked for many years . wanted something new. same stuff daily drama, lots of favoritism, unhealthy stressful environment, I don't recommend, they will make you have a heartattack Cons: parking, management, favortism"

Communication and Network Technical Analyst (Former Employee) says

"UC Davis med center and campus are great places to work for but have been hijacked by bias and racist management who only hire family and friends. Everyone hated their supervisors and managers. Cons: Horrible management and infrastructure"

Medical Assistant/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"stressful job, short handed, had to do my work and everyone elses job when all the other girls are on the internet and chit chatting while management was in on it as well. complained constantly and nothing was done about it. horrible patient care as well"

Surgical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"management is awful the worst is the constant gossip, you can try to ignore it but its everywhere and its the management is at the root of it. no respect for the hard working staff and employees that run this place and work endless hours for this company. Cons: management will not recognize your skills, listen to you, terrible work enviroment"

SQL Server DBA (Former Employee) says

"U.C. Davis Medical Center Technology division is a hardened bureaucracy that is slow to react, hard to change, and obstructs workers with unnecessary procedures. The culture was that of any other state agency where many people were not engaged in their work, and were just marking time until their retirement. Cons: Everything."

mosc (Former Employee) says

"Long time employees whose work ethic and culture are very similar to those who work at the DMV; including the management here. Many employees have been here for several years and some even up to 35 years and are outright scary. Cons: Union environment, Managers burned out who don't address personnel issues"

Benefits Analyst II (Former Employee) says

"The reporting structure is very unique. You often are reporting to someone who does not interact with you often and may be a different site. There is a very negative culture there and people are retiring or leaving as soon as possible."

Healthcare Receptionist Professional (Current Employee) says

"Most awful place to work at. Management is awful and does not care about anything but a pay check. if you are looking for something that will ruin you as a human being, but pays "nicely" this is the place for you. GOOD LUCK!"

Systems Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Let's just say on my team if you're black you're not expected to do any work!!! I will say my teammates were nice, well except the one who confronted me in front of several coworkers and went on about my white privilege. My boss is so blatantly racist against white people its not funny. I would recommend to any non white. Its not a good environment for white people on my team. My supervisor clearly doesn't like white people even making racist comments about the white people at our "client" hospital. Ugh!!! Live and learn. I learned some African Americans can be just a racist as some white people but just more open about it. It's sad to see that people who have been oppressed can be even more oppressive and open about it in today's world. Cons: Horrible management."

Parallel Revenue Cycle Testing Lead (Current Employee) says

"Working with the teams was engaging and energizing. All organizations can improve their processes to some extent however. Process enhancement and communication and collaboration needs to be improved a little."

Registered Nurse Perioperative Services (Former Employee) says

"Poor benefits"

RN Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"difficult to find a healthy work - life balance with the work load assignments within Case Management department. Rather enjoyed my short time in the Transfer Center on nights. Much easier work environment and much more manageable in the long run."

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